Bad Company Labra Doodles
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Formerly Bad Company Labradoodles
Breeding Labradoodles since 1998
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We are situated on six acres in the quiet small town of Delta, PA, located in the south eastern area of Pennsylvania. We are bordered by pine trees and a beautiful creek. The doodles enjoy watching the array of wildlife that passes through. We have dedicated our lives to helping others find the enjoyment and companionship that can come from sharing your life with a dog. 

The puppies are raised in our home, where we can give them  the most love and attention. Our life revolves around the care and needs of our dogs/puppies.  We work closely with our veterinarians, to ensure the health and well being of our dogs. The females are retired at age five and placed into forever loving homes. We want our girls to live out a fun, wonderful life with a great family that loves them.  All of the care & most of the grooming is done myself but, I have started to send a few to a groomer in 2008. I feel the only way to truly know the temperament of your breeding dogs, is to spend countless hours interacting with them. My vets & groomer always comment on how well behaved our dogs are. 

Our family has been involved in the world of dogs since 1976. The experience and insight we have gained over the years combined with the use of testing guides us in making sound decisions to insure that our puppies will be wonderful companions to share your days with. In 1997 my parents started to lay the ground work to breed their first Labradoodle litter. My parents started Bad Company Labradoodles in 1998. With the arrival of that first Labradoodle litter there was no turning back as the hybrid vigor was plainly visible in those puppies. Bad Company Labradoodles was founded in 1998, by my parents John and Bonita Henry. 

After 30 years of grooming and taking care of puppies Mom’s wrists and knees were tired. Not to mention that my parents had not taken vacations as Mom would not turn over the care of her dogs to just anyone. In 2004 I started working for my Mom and in the spring of 2007 John and Bonita made the tough decision to retire and they moved to Myrtle Beach, S.C. and love it there. Bonita does miss taking care of all the puppies. At this time, my parents  turned the breeding program over to myself, their daughter. Mom is always just a phone call away to pass on her advice & knowledge. They also come up a few times a year and give me a hand. 

In 2015 I decided to rename the breeding program, Snowy River Labradoodles.  In honor of my beloved Snowy River. He was a very special labradoodle & he is the reason I fell in love with the breed. 

I want to wish you good luck in finding that special new addition to your family. If you choose a Snowy River Labradoodle, I will do my best to place the right puppy into your family. I am a very honest, caring person. I tell you the honest truth, not just a sales speech to sell you a puppy. My puppies and breeding program sell themselves, I am far from a saleswomen!!! Whether you choose a puppy from me or choose one somewhere else, remember this is a lifetime commitment. Please be a responsible owner and give your new addition all the time and love they deserve.    

Bad Company Labradoodles
Bad Company Labradoodles
Bad Company Labradoodles
Bad Company Labradoodles